Crazy price – A lot of fashion for less money!

For all products that have been awarded the label Crazy Price, you will find products at a very low price level in comparison to other suppliers and brands, these products are priced very attractively and their quality level is accordingly. The products are often produced from elastic fabrics or chiffon, and are available in one size cuts, that fits most of the sizes. They thus fit to the body shape, but may encounter the limits of their elasticity and thus are mainly recommended for sizes XS-L. The fashion trends are in a simply matter in the the Crazy Price products implemented.

Jennifer, 24 years old from Hamburg likes Crazy Price Products because:

“At Gloria Agostina I know that I’m never wrong with the crazy price product line. I have a small budget and I still want to dress fashionably and, above all, always wear something new. With the Crazy Price products by Gloria Agostina that's very possible. I also received many compliments for my cool outfits even though I paid only half as in a similar shop. "

Best choice - Top fashion and good quality at a fair price.

All products with the label Best Choice are a choice of fantastic products at top cost effectiveness. You get different materials such as silk, cotton, taffeta, satin, lace, organza, brocade, leather, wool, or elastic fabrics, which are made in specific individual sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL ...). The products are regularly tailored with small stitches and, made of various types of fabric and lining to improve the fit and durability. The final quality control of production is high and the final products with the smallest errors are sorted out immediately. Practically it’s the best choice between price and quality.

Petra, 28 years old from Zurich likes like Best Choice Products because:

“I've shopped at many places but I always come back to the Best Choice products by Gloria Agostina. They offer, in my eyes at a great relation for what you get for your and I know that they always fit well and look very fashionable and sexy. As I shop for a long time at Gloria Agostina, I can also confirm that the Best Choice products are very durable and colorfast even after frequent wearing."

 Premium quality - Made from luxurious fabrics you get the most acutal Catwalt fashion at the highest quality and made with caution and greatest care

At the Gloria Agostina premium quality products you receive without exception, top quality fabrics and the latest catwalk fashion.  Everything is embellished and decorated handmade with a lot of passion for Fashion. For these products, the price is not the main aspect. You get top fashion products that are made from our designers with great attention to detail and the best and finest materials such as silk and leather from different animal in small, familiar Fashion Ateliers. Wearing these products not doesn’t just follow fashion trends rather you take on the role of a fashion trendsetter. What others are dreaming or admire in the fashion magazines, has become reality with premium quality products by Gloria Agostina. Fine embroidery and unique decorations make every fashion heart beat faster. A very good cut and the perfect fit are self-evident. These pieces of art take many dedicated hours to be created to give you the maximum fashion experience.

Martina, 35 from Munich likes premium quality products because:

"I'm sure that when I shop Gloria Agostina premium quality line I receive only the finest fashion pieces available. The creations by Gloria Agostina have caught attention even at my model girlfriends and sine then I am definitely sure that the premium line is the best quality combined with the newest trends of fashion Design. I feel sometimes like a trendsetter and lately I have been repeatedly addressed by men and woman for my clothes and shoes. Thank you Gloria Agostina for your great service and your super nice clothes and accessories.”

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